Rental Policies


  • To reserve a date, Villa Luna requires a Reservation Retainer of 50% of the total Rental Contract Amount, and a signed contract. Dates cannot be held otherwise,
  • Payment of the contract balance, and a $300 Damage Deposit is due one month prior to the rental date. The Damage Deposit will not be applied to any rental fees, and is held against potential damage to the facility.


  • Events cancelling six months or more prior to the event date will be refunded half of the Reservation Deposit. Events cancelling at any time within six months of the event date will receive no refund of any payments made except the Damage Deposit, which will be refunded.


  • Decorating and set up of entertainment and other elements for the event may not take place earlier than the Beginning Time noted in the Rental Contract.
  • Candles are permitted, but must be displayed in a non-combustible container.
  • Rice, birdseed, glitter and confetti are prohibited.
  • Duct tape, Scotch tape, staples, nails, spray adhesives, and spray paint are prohibited.


  • Villa Luna has a closed policy, and Clients are required to contract the services of Blue Moon Caterers if any food and/or beverage items are to be served. This requirement is to assure guests receive a quality experience at Villa Luna. Villa Luna will make certain exceptions to this on a case by case basis (examples of exceptions that would be acceptable: A family member wants to bring salty snacks to put out after dinner at a wedding reception . . . or the Bride's Aunt wants to provide Punch for the reception), but these must be approved in advance. The services of Blue Moon Caterers will be dealt with in a separate Contract.


  • Clients may purchase alcohol through Blue Moon Caterers, or provide their own.
  • Alcohol served at Villa Luna, whether provided by Blue Moon Caterers or the Client must be served by the Blue Moon Caterers staff.
  • At events where alcoholic beverages are served, guests may not take any beverage outside the building.
  • At events where alcoholic beverages are served, Villa Luna will provide a security guard for the duration of the event at $35 per hour (four hour minimum).

Please note: Villa Luna Rental Contract contains numerous additional policies besides those listed above.

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